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Welcome! This is a wiki for Shiren the Wanderer 4: The Eye of God and the Devil's Navel.
It's a work-in-progress, so some pages don't have content yet, and others may change in time.

If you spot any errors or wish to contribute, please post on /r/ShirenTheWanderer
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Of course, you're welcome to join just to hang out with other players and ROM hackers too.

A significant portion of the information found on this site is hand-translated from the Japanese wiki.

Game Console Nintendo DS PlayStation Portable
Release Date February 26th, 2010 October 18th, 2012
Price 6,090 JPY 4,400 JPY (Physical)
3,810 JPY (Digital)
Players 1 1
Official Site - PSP (Japanese)
Developer Chunsoft Spike Chunsoft
Box Art Shiren 4 DS Box Art Shiren 4 PSP Box Art